The United Way Born Learning Trails®

 Born Learning Trails® picc

Born Learning Trails®

Under the leadership of its president David Gomez, Priority Mortgage Group, doing business as Priority Financial Group, keeps clients updated with the latest in mortgage news and maintains high customer service satisfaction through fast loan processing. Priority Mortgage Group is also active on the charity front, supporting organizations such as the United Way.

By marshaling the caring capacities of communities, United Way has improved the lives of around 50 million people through 1,800 local United Ways found in 40 countries and territories. One of its initiatives is the United Way Born Learning initiative, which provides parents and caregivers with the resources and tools needed to optimize a child’s formative years. As noted by the nonprofit, by age 5, 90 percent of the brain is already hard-wired. This early learning, integral to child development, occurs any time, at any place.

Born Learning Trails® is one of the popular approaches developed by United Way to make learning fun and effective while improving family and community ties. Communities design trails that have drawings on the ground which helps children recognize letters, numbers, and shapes.

Adults can teach and have fun with the children at the same time. With the help of over 10,000 volunteers, close to 1,000 co-branded trails have already been established on company campuses, playgrounds, museums, and parks.


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