Finding the Right Mortgage Lender

Right Mortgage Lender pic

Right Mortgage Lender

Priority Mortgage Group, which operates under the name Priority Financial Group, is a reputable mortgage lender located in San Dimas, California. Led by its president David Gomez, Priority Mortgage Group has won awards from WMC Mortgage and Option One Mortgage for its annual production rates and high customer satisfaction ratings.

Unfortunately, not all customers have a positive experience with their lenders. Aware of this risk, potential clients may at first find it stressful to choose the right mortgage lender. Here are three tips to ease the process.

1. Figure out the type of lender you need. While large lenders offer more competitive interest rates, they often lack the personal touch associated with smaller lenders. The choice comes down to your personal goals and preferences. Your credit score may also play a role. Since a high credit score translates to more bargaining power, customers who have such a score might gravitate toward a larger lender with better interest rates.

2. Ask for recommendations. Gather insight about different mortgage lenders from friends and family members who have recently bought a house. You may also ask your real estate agent for suggestions.

3. Research your options. Beyond simply comparing their rates, try to find out more about your local lenders’ experiences with specific types of mortgage loans, depending on what you need. In addition, check out online customer reviews of different lenders, as these offer valuable insights into the company’s work ethic.


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