Freddie Mac Forecasts Increased Mortgages and Reduced Rate Refinances


Freddie Mac pic

Freddie Mac

Led by David Gomez, Priority Mortgage Group (dba Priority Financial Group) provides award-winning California lending services that emphasize customer satisfaction. Mr. Gomez and his team take pride in mortgage approval services that are fast and efficient, and help people move into the homes of their dreams.

As reported by Freddie Mac in late September 2017, mortgage and housing markets continue to enjoy a positive economic environment, with such conditions likely to last throughout next year. Major trends expected to come to the forefront include increases in mortgage volume and a rise in the tapping of home equity by borrowers.

At the same time, rate refinance activity is expected to decrease. This counters the trend in recent years of homeowners leveraging low mortgage rates in order to refinance at rates lower than their current ones. This cool down in refinancing activity reflects a broad increase in mortgage rates and raises questions about which way the market will move in the future.


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