Face-to-Face Sources Prove Influential for Mortgage Shoppers


Mortgage Applicants pic

Mortgage Applicants
Image: investopedia.com

Priority Mortgage Group does business as Priority Financial Group in San Dimas, California, under the guidance of President David Gomez. David Gomez guides Priority Mortgage Group in offering personalized advice and support to home buyers.

Even in a home lending industry rich in consumer-friendly online resources, mortgage professionals remain the most influential sources among buyers. A recent study conducted by federal housing organization Fannie Mae revealed that 32 percent of home buyers ranked mortgage lenders as their most impactful source in the borrowing process. Real estate agents came in a close second at 30 percent, while only 13 percent of shoppers cited online sources as their most influential source of information.

Preferences proved consistent across participant age groups, a trend that experts believe reveals a widespread uncertainty about the mortgage application process. Faced with this uncertainty, shoppers tend to seek out personal advice and guidance throughout the process. Experts believe that professionals will retain this level of trust even as mobile resources become more reliable, but that the most successful service providers will acknowledge the convenience of these electronic sources and incorporate them into their business processes.


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