United Way’s Mission United Program Supports Veterans

Mission Unitedpic

Mission United
Image: unitedway.org

Led by David Gomez, Priority Mortgage Group operates from its headquarters in San Dimas, California, as Priority Financial Group. As a way of giving back to the community, David Gomez’s Priority Mortgage Group donates to United Way.

United Way runs Mission United, a program dedicated to helping veterans obtain healthcare and financial stability. Delays and inefficiencies in the system can subject veterans to weeks or even months between service delivery, and this affects crucial services such as healthcare for post-deployment injuries and disability claims.

Mission United solves this problem by coordinating efforts to help veterans access affordable housing, healthcare, education, and job training. The program encourages veterans to return to school and graduate from college under the GI Bill. It employs full-time coordinators and has even set up veteran student centers in colleges and universities. The program also partners with local businesses to encourage the hiring of veterans and coordinates with volunteer success coaches to mentor veterans on essential job skills such as writing resumes, networking, and performing job interviews.


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